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Most conflicted relationships/love triangles in YA novels

So, today during church, i was thinking (yes, i should have been listing, but thats beside the point) about the most conflicted relationships and/or love triangles in most YA novels. In most books, there's a whole triangle ( having one good relationship is soo yesterday ((i hope you picked up on the sarcasm in that, but if you didn't, then here's your clarification))), but there is some good books with the good old fashion love (:

  1. Mortal Instruments Series - Simon/Clary/Jace
(by the way, this segment is loosely based on the first 2 books) Okay, so this is most possibly my favorite books of all time. And one of those reasons is because of the romance in it! Okay, so lets just start with Simon and Clary. They'd been best friends since they were little, and Simon fell inlove with Clary, but she didn't know. So this is the typical, i met you in dippers/small town romance. But then you get Jace, who is just...yum. Thats really all i can say about him. He's sexy, mysterious, kinda a jerk..which shouldn't be attractive, but it is. So theres an instant attraction there, but Simon feels out of the loop. So here comes the jealousy and all that. I'm not going to get into it all that much, because i don't want to ruin it for you, but its just drama drama drama! But i'd defiantly take Jace. Hands down.

2. Twilight Saga - Jacob/Bella/Edward every book of this series, there is a love triangle. Between the same people! Starting with Edward and Bella, they fell in love kinda fast. I mean, i know he's like, 107 years old, but still. They were all cute and cuddly in the first book, but in the second....oh HECK no. This is were the gorgeous Jacob Black come in. He lifts up Bella from where she fell, piecing her back together. He is there when Edwards off being stupid. In Eclipse, theres all sorts of crap. Like, THIS is THE books for a love triangle (personally, i think that Edward and Jacob deserves better). And honestly, if it was in real life, Bella would have stayed with Jacob...most likely. I can't say she 100% would have, because..well i'm not her. But....yea.

3. House of Night series -- Erik/Zoey/Stark

First of all, let me just say, i don't know if i get the names right, because i'm to lazy to go look up the names, and i read this book in middle school. So, with that outta the way, lets talk about them. Stark doesn't come into the books till the....sixth book...i think. Anyway. And Zoey and Eric were a couple til Zoey (the whore) slept with a teacher WHILE she was dating Eric (and she didn't understand why Eric was mad....), so they broke up. And they were going to get back together, and they did, til stark came. He started to kinda change things up a bit, and Eric becomes more possessive of Zoey, and she doesn't like all. So they break up, and Zoey and Stark become a...thing i guess. Because they dont specify at first. And i'm not even going to get into Zoey's human boyfriend, Heath. She has a whole love square going on. So, all in all, Zoey is a whore, Eriks possessive, and Stark kicks butt.

4. Gallagher Girl Series -- Josh/Cammie/Zach

So, they really don't have a HUGE love triangle, cause both of them are really in different books. But you kinda put two-and-two together. Josh and Cammie are kinda cute together, you know...first love and stuff. I think Zach and Cammie are SO much better because Zach gets her. He understands her and all that jazz. He's sweet and know what? Josh and Cammie are cute, cause i want Zach.

5. Hush, Hush -- Patch/Nora

So this is the one i love the most, for many reasons. One, because i'm obsessed with fallen angles. I love books about them. And this is the classic romance of two people that can't be together, but they're with each other anyway. Patch is the classic bad boy who has a soft truffles. And i just really like Nora as a character too. She's pretty awesome. So, if you just want a classic romance with an AWESOME twist, this is the book you want.

Well, my fingers are killing me. I'm reading a book called Beautiful Creatures right now, and when i'm done i'm doing my first REAL review of it (:


PS -- Its finally Christmas music time!

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Nadia Murti said...

I completely agree on the Gallagher Books one. I <3 Zach!

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