Friday, December 31, 2010

quick mini blog! : shout out to the Philippines!

So, i was looking at my people counter or whatever its called, and i have one reader from the Philippines!!

So hello to you, dear reader!

Which brings me to my other thought....
If i have so many people viewing my blog (68 total this month) why aren't you COMMENTING?!?!

Geez! Or liking or SOMETHING?

-- Holly

Happy New Year (:

Happy New Year everyone!!
I hope everybody is doing well, and having a happy new year!

Which brings me to my first question of the day....does everybody celebrate New Years? I mean, i don't think that only Americans celebrate it, cause its a world wide thing...right?

So, if someone could that or something? Wiki it? Cause i just don't feel like doing it. And if no one knoes i'll cowboy up and do it myself (:

Okay, without further to do, here are my New Years goals!!

1. Read 150 books. Now, many of you are probably thinking 'Why is it so little? You could probably do that in 5 month.' But you've got to think about all the pages, and homework...and ect. So i'm making it 150. If anyone has book suggestions or anything like that, please let me know! I'll read anything!! With each book i'll also be doing a review (:

2. Loose 30lbs. Many of you haven't ever met me (pretty much none of you, but i don't know if anyone of my friends/family reads this) but i'm not a small girl. I'm not HUGE, but i could stand to loose a couple pounds. So i want to loose 30lbs and not gain it all back. I want to be able to look good in a bikini. I mean, i wear one anyway because there are some people WAY bigger than me that wear one, but i still want to look good.

3. Only drink one soda ever other month. This kinda goes with the 'loose 30lbs' thing, but i just wanted to make this a serperate goal because i can still loose weight and drink a lot of sundrop. I don't think you guys understand how much i LOVE SUNDROP! for real, i'm addicted. So, to tone that addiction down, i'm making myself refuse it. I'm going to drink one today, but after that, none til February.

4. I'm going to not care what anyone else thinks about me. I've said before that i already DONT care, which i don't. But i do sometimes let it get to me. I think one reason i don't care, is because i don't act like myself, so when people talk about me, its not really me....make since? So i'm going to be me, and not care what people think (:

5. Kick boxing. Starting tomorrow, i'm doing Kick boxing at the YMCA, and i'm going to stick with it. I'm kinda excited, but i feel like crap soo....i don't really want to go.

So there's my 5, but i need 5 more!! post in the comments what you think is a good new years goals!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mini Blog -- Merry Christmas!

Hello to all!
I hope your having a wondrous day and a Merry Christmas! If you don't celebrate christmas, then i just hope your having a wondrous day! (:

So i just ate (a lot) and watched Eclipse (awesome) and now i think i'm going to go write some. Because i have a marvelous idea for FF.

Stay tuned for my New Years Revolution!

Friday, December 24, 2010

baby its cold out side...*

Hello fellow bloggers!
Today i'm going to post a merry Christmas to you all, and i hope you are all doing well. If you don't celebrate christmas, then i hope you have a good break and that you are still doing well (:

So, we're supposed to have some snow tomorrow and i REALLY hope it does. Like...for real. That would be AMAZING.

Its not going to be a really long post today, cause i just....have really nothing to say! But sometime during this week i'm going to be posting some new years goals that i'd like to do!

If anyone has any ideas about what i should do, please post it in the comments and just let you imagination fly!

Later tators!
-- Holly

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Facebook -- The Pros and Cons

So last night proving once again i didn't have a life, i was looking through some of Nadia's old post and found this one -- What Your Profile says about You
That made me start thinking of Facebook, and one thing lead to another, and now theres a list of all the pro's and cons of Facebook.
Before i copy it down and all this stuff, let me just tell you i AM a facebook addict. I'm on it all the time. Heck, its up in a tab right now! But thats also because of what i said in the first sentence.
Okay, so Pros and Cons --

Pros --
- You get to meet up with old friends that you had when you were little and forgot about, or moved away.
- Theres lots of games that you can procrastinate with (:
- If you really like this song, and you want others to hear it, you don't have to physically tell them about it. You can just post it on your wall and let all your Facebook stalkers* go at it.
- If you family lives far away, and you never really get to see them, then you can keep up with them.
- You can meet other people who have the same interest as you.
- ^ going with that, you can meet people from all around the world, and learn about their life style and religions. So thats pretty neat.

Cons --
- * It has turned the world into stalkers. No joke
- 5th graders have it!! 5th graders!! I mean, some people aren't mature enough to have it in 9th grade, let alone 5th!
- People argue on it all the time, and it gets annoying to have it blow up your news feed.
- In addition to people arguing on it, everyone noes you business, so if you get in a fight with someone on it, EVERYONE can see it.
- People definitely abuse it.

But, despite all the cons, i'm still an adict. For example about the fights, there were these two girls that got into a fight and then they were trying to make it better, so this girl post on MY wall, saying ' Hey, me and Krissy are trying to be friends again, and we want your input.'
What the heck?
Does anybody else find a slight problem in that?


PS -- So, I was looking at my Stats the other day, and apparently i have a good amount of people looking at my blog. I only have 4 followers. Not that i'm complaining about my followers, cause i love them all...but who are you people that are just creeping on my blog and not commenting or following?
So, i'm now opening up the anonymous comments. But that also means i'll be looking over all the comments now, cause i don't want any 'i hate you, and i'm going to come kill you' comments on my blogger. (<-- And that HAS happened to me before. Not in those exact words, but something like that)

PSS -- I also added a place down there that you can put if you though my post was interesting, funny, or just plain awesome. Sorry for the ,,, it was supposed to be ... and i'm too lazy to change it (:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mini blog : Biggest hoe in YA literary history

Okay, so this is my second blog post of the day (showing that i really don't have a life at all) but i just wanted to go ahead and put this out there.

Zoey Redbird, of the House of Night series, is a whore.
Grade A.
It wouldn't bother me as bad, i think, if she recognized that she was a hoe. But she doesn't. She thinks she's an angel which really gets under my skin.

Sorry, i really had to get that off my chest (:

In better news, Charlie Brown is on right now, and that makes me oh so happy!

-- Holly

PS.. If anyone has read Nightshade, i'm reading that right now, and i totally like Ren better!

Snow or no snow...that is the question

So, where i live, it can't decide if it REALLY wants to snow, or if it just wants to do some wimpy crap for a couple of minutes.
Which, let me just tell you, is annoying.

Cause you get all excited cause..i mean its SNOW! but then about 10 minutes you want to go outside and take so beautiful pictures to see that the snow has quite and its just cold.
And this is is not the 21rst! It can be cold (with out snow) in the winter! But its cold in the fall (with out snow) and thats. not. cool.
I mean, seriously. A couple days ago, its was 11 degrees. 11. And i had to stand out side in it for 20 minutes.
Not. Fun.
At least at the Middle School, they would let you go in the little foyer when it got really cold. At the high school? Nope.
Its child abuse, i swear.
But i digress.

So, i really wanted to show you some pictures that i took and edited!

So, these are just some (: I had more, but i kept on accidentally deleting them, so i though it was a sign.

Happy Holidays!
-- Holly

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two of the most awkward moments in my life...

Okay, so first of all, i'm sorry i haven't posted in a while /:
I've had a rough two weeks, and i just didn't feel like all.
But with that out of the way...

So, today can be classified as 'awkward'. Really, really awkward.
Well today and last night.

Some background info, there's this new guy that comes to my church (he's from...some where. I forgot), and we text sometimes. But he came to youth last night, and we were talking and sitting beside each other, and just being friends. Well, we were texting later that night, and he was like 'yea, those girls though we were dating..haha' and it was REALLY awkward. Like, i could FEEL the awkwardness coming off of that text message. So i was like 'yea, there like that....' and it was just...ew. Really, really awkward.

And THEN today, i was called to the councilor's office. I can't go into detail about what it was about, but it wasn't true. And i told her that it wasn't and she believed me, blah blah blah.
But the awkward part was that...i hate being council-ed . Its just....ew. I hate sitting in a room, talking about my feels to a person i don't even KNOW! And i wanted to be like 'no offense lady, but i don't even know you! So why would i even tell you if it WAS true?'

Another thing i just though about, is that we have sex ed this week. Which is just awkward in itself.

Later tators (:
-- Holly
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