Saturday, November 27, 2010

Diary of a Country Girl -- A few of my favorite things...

So, today i was listing to the love of my life (aka my i-pod) and ' my favorite things' from Sound of Music came on, while i was updating a picture of my two most favorite things. So that made me start thinking...
What was a few of my favorite things?
So, heres a list of things that 'When I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things..and then I don't feel so bad'

  1. Reading. Just...reading. Is there any other explanation? I know a lot of people despise reading, but i honestly just cant wrap my mind around it. They can take you anywhere, and you get so wrapped up in it. You can immerse yourself in it. People say they can do that in movies, but i just cant sit still. I mean, if its a good movie (see Harry Potter - strike out or home run) then i can sit. But if its just...horrible (Percy Jackson) then i cant sit at all. But i can sit for 3 hours at a time, just reading. So this is probably my most favorite thing...ever.
  2. Music. I can't really describe it, just because it means soo many things to soo many other people. You can listen to one song, and get something totally different out of then the person sitting beside you, listing to the same song. The singers (or musical instruments) can tell you things that NO one could be able to write down on paper, cause there are no words. A lot of people say that Miley Cyrus* and all of those teeny boppers don't do real music, and i used to agree. But the more i think about it, the more i'm changing my opinion. People out there probably think their music is life altering, and who are you to tell them their wrong? Thats what i LOVE about music. There's never a right answer.
  3. Photography. I never really understood photography until this year. I'd always loved taking pictures, but now i'm starting to take it a little more seriously. I really like capturing things out of in the world, that some people would never have looked at before. And i love taking pictures with my crappy kodak camera, showing people that you don't have to have the nicest camera in the world to still see beauty (:
  4. The last thing is writing. I've always loved to write, and i still love it, but its rare when i do. Its almost like its sacred to me. I know that sounds crazy, but hey, to be a writer you have to be a little off the straight line.
So those are my favorite things (: Sorry in advance for everything i missed spelled! This is the picture that also inspired this post --


*So..another thing about Miley, i herd her parents are splitting which is kinda sad. /:

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