Sunday, May 15, 2011

Long time, no post!!

Hey guys, sorry its been so long!

Things have gotten quite crazy in my life now, and its just hard to keep up with a blog. But, i'm going to try to get back in the blogging business, because it does make me feel better. And i need some happiness in my life right now.

For one this, I'm moving away. I was really excited when things weren't final yet, and we were just looking at places we MIGHT move. I knew we probably would, but it was just a part of me that was like... well maybe not. Even though, at the time, i REALLY wanted too.

Now we're really moving. Its not too far away from where we live now, but i'm still soooo nervous. I'm having those thoughts 'what if they don't like me' or 'what if i don't fit in?'. There consuming all my thoughts and it sucks.

I just really want a true friend. Everyone here has atleast one best friend...except for me. I feel like i never have any friends. I look on facebook every friday night seeing statuses like 'i'm hanging out with so-'n-so all weekend' or 'with whats her name tonight!'...while i'm at home all weekend. I'm SICK of it.

I'm past being sad and depressed about it. I'm PISSED. What is so wrong with me, that i'm not invited to other peoples houses? I'm always the one who makes the plans with people. I want a friend who will invite ME over. Not ME asking them to hangout.

So, as sad as i am with leaving, my prayer is that i get some friends who care about me. Friends who will do stupid stuff with me, who will care if i come to school or not.

And i already feel kinda better (: Thanks blogger.
-- Holly

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shadowspell ; number four!!

Title: Shadowspell
: Jenna Black

Page: 304
: On top of spending most of her time in a bunkerlike safe house and having her dates hijacked by a formidable Fae bodyguard, Faeriewalker Dana Hathaway is in for some more bad news: the Erlking and his pack of murderous minions known as the Wild Hunt have descended upon Avalon. With his homicidal appetite and immortal powers, the Erlking has long been the nightmare of the Fae realm. A fragile treaty with the Faerie Queen, sealed with a mysterious spell, is the one thing that keeps him from hunting unchecked in Avalon, the only place on Earth where humans and Fae live together. Which means Dana’s in trouble, since it’s common knowledge that the Faerie Queen wants her – and her rare Faeriewalker powers – dead. The smoldering, sexy Erlking’s got his sights set on Dana, but does he only seek to kill her, or does he have something much darker in mind?

Okay, so i'm FINALLY doing a review on this. FINALLY.
But i'm going to be quick, cause i'm in a horrible mood, but felt bad about leaving yall in the cold, so i'm going to do it anyway.

Likes --
1. Keenan is my favorite. I named my bunny after him. True story.
2. The Erlking is AMAZING. I have a thing for dark guys (;
3. Dana's Dad is really sweet in a cold, fae way.
4. The way Jenna Black describes the scenary in this book is great. I could picture everything crystal clear in my mind.

Dislikes --
1. There wasn't enough Keenan
2. It felt like something was....missing. Its going really slow in some places, and it just seemed...lacking.

Okay, so that was incredibly short, but as i said, i'm in a horrible mood.

You can find this book here -- ( Amazon, Barns&Noble , Borders) and more about Jenna Black by clicking on her name.

Your irked blogger,

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Superbowl

Okay, so the majority of my readers are American. So most of you know what a superbowl is (that is happening right now) is. Its when the two best American Football team get together and play football in a big stadium.

...whats the point? Or a better question, is why is it such a big deal?

Now, you big football fans are probably like, "Whats the big deal?!?! Whats the BIG DEAL?!?! Holly, its the biggest event in football history!" Yea, yea, i get all of that. But do you know how much MONEY it cost?

We are like... 14 billion (maybe more, i - once again - don't feel like looking it up) in debt to England. AND our economy is horrid. Do you know how much a Superbowl cost? Really do you? Cause i have no clue. I tried to look it up on the internet, but it couldn't find it anywhere.

But i do know that for a 30 second comercial is 2.5 MILLION dollars. That is ri-diculous. Even though, i must say, there the only reason I watch the superbowl.

So, can someone please shine some light on the subject?


Later (:
-- Holly

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Candidates [Delcroix Academy] ; number three!

Title: The Candidates
Author: Inara Scott
Pages: 293
Summary: Dancia Lewis is far from popular. And that's not just because of her average grades or her less-than-glamorous wardrobe. In fact, Dancia's mediocrity is a welcome cover for her secret: whenever she sees a person threatening someone she cares about, things just...happen. Cars skid. Structures collapse. Usually someone gets hurt. So Dancia does everything possible to avoid getting close to anyone, belieiving this way she can supress her powers and keep them hidden.

But when recruiters from the prestigious Delcroix Academy show up in her living room to offer her a full scholarship, Dancia's days of living under the radar may be over. Only, Delcroix is a school for diplomats' kids and child geniuses--not B students with uncontrollable telekinetic tendencies. So why are they treating Dancia like she's special? Even the hottest guy on campus seems to be going out of his way to make Dancia feel welcome.

And then there's her mysterious new friend Jack, who can't stay out of trouble. He suspects something dangerous is going on at the Academy and wants Dancia to help him figure out what. But Dancia isn't convinced. She hopes that maybe the recruiters know more about her "gift" than they're letting on. Maybe they can help her understand how to use it...But not even Dancia could have imagined what awaits her behind the gates of Delcroix Academy.

Review --

Hey guys!! Sorry i haven't updated in a while. Back in January there was this really big snow storm (on the week of our exams, go figure) and I read this book that week. With that being said, this is long over due. But after that week things got crazy with exams and all that jazz. But i'm here now! Never fear (:

Okay, so this book was atcually pretty good. I had never heard of it til i was buying Shadowspell (review thats coming up next) on Amazon and this caught my eye. So i bought it on a whim, praying to God it was a good book.

My prayers were answered.

Likes --

1. Dancia is a really cool character. I mean, other than it being TOTALLY predictable that she was going to have this great power, she was really cool. But with every cool character, there is some annoyance with that character. You heard me right. She annoys the CRAP out of me.

2. Jack is my new boyfriend. I love him, i love him, i love him.

3. Dancia's grandma is my favorite (:

4. The way the author describes all the characters in the book is nice. You have a very good picture in your head of what they look like and what their power is.

Dislike --

1. Cameron. There is just something...fishy going on there.

2. Mr. Jordan *

Other than those two dislikes, i really did like the book. The 'fight' scene was uber cool, and Jack is AMAZING. Though, i do find the "Protectors*" quite fishy. I don't really know what to think about them. I think there is more than just trying to 'protect' people form the Candidates.

This is the first book of the series, and it came out August 24 of last year. You can get it here -- (Borders, Amazon, Barns&Noble) and you can learn more about Inara Scott <--buy clicking on her name (:

Not sure if i'm doing Shadowspell tonight or not...

-- Holly

* Not sure if these are the right names, cause i don't have the book with me at this time. But i THINK they are.

mini blog : i feel like a jerk..

SO SORRY i didn't post yesterday!!

There will be one (or 4) today!

-- Holly

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mini blog : ughh

So, i PROMISE i'll update tomorrow! I have 4 (yea, you heard right) book reviews to write!!

I'm just stressed and haven't had a very good past couple weeks.

So i PROMISE i'll be updating tomorrow (:

-- Holly

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Exam nastiness

So, we were SUPPOSED to have exams last week, but it snowed.
And iced.
A lot.

So, needless to say, we were out for the whole entire week. Which was nice, but ya know. I wanted to get done with them!

But now we're taking them this week and its stressing me out. So i really don't know what to blog about since i'm SO stressed.

But i'm going to blog out the unnecessary facts of Geometry. We never use it in life, like ever. Tell me when i'm going to have to know that the formula of the Later Area of a Cylinder is 2(3.14)(r)squared?

So hopefully next week i'll have something more interesting to talk about. Because right at this moment, my brain is fried.


PS -- I have a book review to do, but i'm going to wait til tomorrow (:

Monday, January 10, 2011

mini blog : new additions!

Okay, really fast I would like to tell you about the new add-ons i've added to the page!!

Now you can follow my progression in TMABCE! It'll say the name of the book, what number of book it was, and will hold the link to my review (:

I also have added my most viewed posts on here as well, so you can see the ones people found most interesting.

The last one is down at the bottom you can see all the books i've read and is planing to read. I probably wont update it a lot, but its still kinda cool (:

-- Holly

Spells ; number two!

Title: Spells
Author: Aprilynne Pike
Pages: 359
Summary: Six months have passed since Laurel saved the gateway to the faerie realm of Avalon. Now she must spend her summer there, honing her skills as a Fall faerie. But her human family and friends are still in mortal danger--and the gateway to Avalon is more compromised than ever. When it comes time to protect those she loves, will she depend on David, her human boyfriend, for help? Or will she turn to Tamani, the electrifying faerie with whom her connection is undeniable?

Review --
Hey guys!! This is my second book of my 150 challenge! (hear by known as TMABCE ((most awesome book challenge ever)) )
Okay, so this book was..ehh. I loved reading it, and there was a cliffy at the end that makes me cant wait for the next book, but by when i was reading the last couple pages, i was just disappointed.

Likes --
1. Tamani. He's amazing, and deffinatly my favorite character in this whole series.
2. Avalon was just amazing, how they discribed it. It was just as a pictured it and then some.
3. The 'politics' i guess you could say. Or really how Pike described the society and the ranks.
4. The Fall Farie Institute was great.
5. Klea was a pretty kick a** character
6. The festivel was awesome. I liked how they tied in Shakespeare (:

Dislikes --
1. David. I just hate David.
2. Laurel needed to choose Tamani.
3. I really just don't like David at all.
4. The fact that Laural kepted playing Tamani.
5. Did i mention i LOATHED David?

Okay, so as you can see, i don't like David. The fact that in the end Laural was a major (excuse my french) bitch to Tamani (or she was going to be) turn me away from really liking the book. I never really hate a book, but i can hate characters in it (David).
I bet you, Davids going to turn out bad. In the book, it said the human relationships were frowned upon, because the human ended up hurting the Fairy. Foreshadowing anyone?
And i know its kinda shallow not to like a book because of it not turning out the way you want it to be, but ugh! SHE SHOULD BE WITH TAMANI!!
*clears throat* sorry about that. I just couldn't help it.
But good news is, is that the next book 'Illusions' is coming out in May!! Not that far away! (and i know your thinking, ' Holly, thats 5 months away'. But in book time, thats a good thing. Cause you normally have to wait a year or two to get the next book.
But needless to say i'm very excited about this sequel!

If you haven't read Wings, i suggest you read it first because this book can get REALLY confusing if you haven't read the first one. You can get it here -- ( Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Borders )
If you've read Wings or you want to by Wings and Spells together, you can fins Spells here (Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Borders)
To learn more about one of my most favorite series (even though i hate David) and a pretty awesome author, you can go here ( Aprilynne Pike )

This book gets a 9/10 !

- Holly

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My problem with Christains today

Okay, so if yall didn't know, i'm a christian. I believe that there is one god and he sent his one and only son to save us from our sins, yada yada.

Well, i live in the Bible belt (Which, for those of you who don't know what that is, its in the south and its where the majority of people are Christians ((mainly baptist, or at least in my town))). So, where as you might ask someone, 'what religion are you', you would ask people, 'what church do you go to' around here.
Anyway, the thing that bothers me is that when people say 'oh, i'm SO inlove with god. He is my one and only!' ....and thin they turn around and cuss people out, get drunk, ect. I know people aren't perfect, and the only reason i'm say this is because i can admit that i have a lot of doubts and i do tend to cuss to much (but the difference is, is that I know that, and i always admit it.) But these people are just two faces about it!
And then their parents are even worse, thinking their child is just a good little christian and could do NO wrong. haha, yea right.
And i'm sure its like that other religions too.

Another thing that bugs me to no end is when people shoot down other religions or believes. What people don't seem to understand, is that people believe in their god(s) (Alla, Buddha, Muhammad, ect.) just like we believe in our God. If they feel the same way that we do about our god, then who are we to yell at them?
I know a lot of people at my school will blow up in your face if you don't believe in God. But i wonder if how they would feel if the tables were turned, and a Buddhist yelled at them because they didn't believe in what THEY believed in....
makes you think, huh?

Your irked blogger,

Disclaimer: I'm not saying i'm a perfect christian/person. I strictly just saying my opinion, and REALLY needed to vent about it. I'm also not dissing other religions. If you have a different religion I think that is awesome and i'd really like to hear what you think about it. I'm not one of those Christians that shove religion down people's throat, or look down on them because of their different believes.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

mini blog : Talking animals telling each other whats not real

Okay, we have basic table on our tv...which practically means we have NO CHANNELS. Well, we do, but no good ones like MTV, Food, Movie Network...ect. (or now OWN the Oprah Winfrey Network...but more on that later)
So every sunday i just turn on the tv and try to find a cartoon. Yea, yea i know i'm in High School. But my brain cant understand stuff that well in the morning, so i start out slow (:


I was watching Busy Town Mysteries and they were talking about how faeries weren't real. How, in any shape or form, is that OKAY?
I mean, Its a worm telling a Hippo (my favorite animal (:) that faeries are real.....

Does anyone else see the problem with this?

Your cartoon watching blogger,
-- Holly

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Once upon a full moon ; number uno!

Title: Once upon a full moon
Author: Ellen Schreiber

Pages: 292

Summary: Celeste Parker is used to hearing scary stories about werewolves -Legend's Run is famous for them. She's used to everything in the small town until Brandon Maddox moves to Legend's Run and Celeste finds herself immediately drawn to the handsome new student.
But when, after an unnerving visit with a psychic, she encounters a pack of wolves and gorgeous, enigmatic Brandon, she must discover whether his transformation is more than legend or just a trick of the shadows in the moonlight.

Her best friends may never forgive her if she gives up her perfect boyfriend, Nash, for Brandon, who's from the wrong side of town. But she can't deny her attraction or the strong pull he has on her. Brandon may be Celeste's hero, or he may be the most dangerous creature she could encounter in the woods of Legend's Run. Psychic predictions, generations-old secrets, a town divided, and the possibility of falling in love with a hot and heroic werewolf are the perfect formula for what happens . . . once in a full moon.
(Copy right to Ellen Schreiber)

Review --
I honestly don't know a better way to start off my 150 book chalenge than with this book. Its only 292 pages, and easy read, but a great read at that.
When i saw that the author of this book had written the Vampire Kisses books, i was like 'ohh lord. Not another Vampire author'.
I did have some dislikes though, so lets go ahead and get to the likes and dislikes list...

Likes --
1. The two main characters are likable. Which this is key, unless the main character is a villain, but even then the author wrote from that POV for a reason soo...
2. You understand where the separation in the East and West sides. They dont mix. Ever.
3. Celeste's two best friends are likable enough, but their annoying. The reason i'm putting them in the 'like' section, is because most friends are like this in High school. They're there for you, but they also want things to stay the same, never differ. They want you to have all the same friends, ect. ect.
4. I'm a HUGE romantic, so the romance in this book was great. But heres the thing again, WHAT IS IT WITH LOVE TRIANGLES?? I mean, not that i'm complaining, its just...why cant we have a normal story where its one guy and one girl, and they cant be together for whatever reason, but they do anyway. Why is there always a third person (almost always a boy)?
5. I think i'm in love with Brandon. Hands down...he's sexy (;

Dislikes --
1. Celeste seems very clingy. I mean, i know there 'meant to be together' and all this crap, but come on. Get yourself together girl.
2. Nash is an a**. He's a jerk boyfriend and a attention searcher. ew.
3. Even though the friends (Ivy and Abby) are in the 'likes', there also in my dislikes. They, to me, are not true friends. Their jealous of one another, and really, who wants friends like that?
4. Dr. Meadows is a jerk. Hands down.

So, over all, it was a pretty awesome book! It was released on the 28th of last month (December) so its brand-spanking new! You can get it here (Amazon, Borders, Barns&Noble)
This is also (like i said before) my first book in my 150 book challenge! It was a great start, and i'm about to start a new one (:
To learn more about Ellen Schreiber and her books you can go here ( Ellen Schreiber )

This book gets an 8.5/10 (:

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