Sunday, May 15, 2011

Long time, no post!!

Hey guys, sorry its been so long!

Things have gotten quite crazy in my life now, and its just hard to keep up with a blog. But, i'm going to try to get back in the blogging business, because it does make me feel better. And i need some happiness in my life right now.

For one this, I'm moving away. I was really excited when things weren't final yet, and we were just looking at places we MIGHT move. I knew we probably would, but it was just a part of me that was like... well maybe not. Even though, at the time, i REALLY wanted too.

Now we're really moving. Its not too far away from where we live now, but i'm still soooo nervous. I'm having those thoughts 'what if they don't like me' or 'what if i don't fit in?'. There consuming all my thoughts and it sucks.

I just really want a true friend. Everyone here has atleast one best friend...except for me. I feel like i never have any friends. I look on facebook every friday night seeing statuses like 'i'm hanging out with so-'n-so all weekend' or 'with whats her name tonight!'...while i'm at home all weekend. I'm SICK of it.

I'm past being sad and depressed about it. I'm PISSED. What is so wrong with me, that i'm not invited to other peoples houses? I'm always the one who makes the plans with people. I want a friend who will invite ME over. Not ME asking them to hangout.

So, as sad as i am with leaving, my prayer is that i get some friends who care about me. Friends who will do stupid stuff with me, who will care if i come to school or not.

And i already feel kinda better (: Thanks blogger.
-- Holly

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