Friday, November 26, 2010

Diary of a Country Girl -- Sundrop and Beauty and the Beast

Gods gift to the southern man.

Now, most of you are probably thinking right know...what the heck is sundrop?
Well, for most everyone else in the continental US know it as Mountain Dew. But sundrop is ten times better.
We still have mountain dew down here, but its not as good as the real thing. They have this magical drink in NC, GA, and SC. I think...
Here is a picture of the wonderful goodness..

In other news, lets talk Disney princesses. The one i'm going to focus on at them moment is Belle. So, as a little girl, this was my FAVORITE princess. Like, i was a huge Belle fan. But the more i watch the movie as i get older, the more she gets on my nerves. I mean, for real.
Now, your probably wondering why an almost 15 year old girl would want to watch a Disney movie. Well...i'm a sucker for musicals.
The reason that Belle gets on my nerves?
Well, first of all, she goes into the and then gets MAD at the beast for getting mad at her. What the heck? I would be pretty pissed too if someone went into a room i'd TOLD them not to go into. And then she makes him feel bad.
What. a. douche.
She just....gets under my skin.
Plus, she has a nasally voice. There's nothing i hate more than a nasally voice.


1 comment:

Nadia Murti said...

My problem with Belle is that she has Stockholm syndrome.

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