Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snow or no snow...that is the question

So, where i live, it can't decide if it REALLY wants to snow, or if it just wants to do some wimpy crap for a couple of minutes.
Which, let me just tell you, is annoying.

Cause you get all excited cause..i mean its SNOW! but then about 10 minutes you want to go outside and take so beautiful pictures to see that the snow has quite and its just cold.
And this is is not the 21rst! It can be cold (with out snow) in the winter! But its cold in the fall (with out snow) and thats. not. cool.
I mean, seriously. A couple days ago, its was 11 degrees. 11. And i had to stand out side in it for 20 minutes.
Not. Fun.
At least at the Middle School, they would let you go in the little foyer when it got really cold. At the high school? Nope.
Its child abuse, i swear.
But i digress.

So, i really wanted to show you some pictures that i took and edited!

So, these are just some (: I had more, but i kept on accidentally deleting them, so i though it was a sign.

Happy Holidays!
-- Holly

1 comment:

Nadia Murti said...

I hate the weather when it does that.

The other day the weather in my decided that it was going to snow, in finals week, so we were all inside studying, then when we were all able to play, it slushed. And coated the city in ice. BOO.

Nice picture editing. KITTY.

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