Sunday, December 19, 2010

Facebook -- The Pros and Cons

So last night proving once again i didn't have a life, i was looking through some of Nadia's old post and found this one -- What Your Profile says about You
That made me start thinking of Facebook, and one thing lead to another, and now theres a list of all the pro's and cons of Facebook.
Before i copy it down and all this stuff, let me just tell you i AM a facebook addict. I'm on it all the time. Heck, its up in a tab right now! But thats also because of what i said in the first sentence.
Okay, so Pros and Cons --

Pros --
- You get to meet up with old friends that you had when you were little and forgot about, or moved away.
- Theres lots of games that you can procrastinate with (:
- If you really like this song, and you want others to hear it, you don't have to physically tell them about it. You can just post it on your wall and let all your Facebook stalkers* go at it.
- If you family lives far away, and you never really get to see them, then you can keep up with them.
- You can meet other people who have the same interest as you.
- ^ going with that, you can meet people from all around the world, and learn about their life style and religions. So thats pretty neat.

Cons --
- * It has turned the world into stalkers. No joke
- 5th graders have it!! 5th graders!! I mean, some people aren't mature enough to have it in 9th grade, let alone 5th!
- People argue on it all the time, and it gets annoying to have it blow up your news feed.
- In addition to people arguing on it, everyone noes you business, so if you get in a fight with someone on it, EVERYONE can see it.
- People definitely abuse it.

But, despite all the cons, i'm still an adict. For example about the fights, there were these two girls that got into a fight and then they were trying to make it better, so this girl post on MY wall, saying ' Hey, me and Krissy are trying to be friends again, and we want your input.'
What the heck?
Does anybody else find a slight problem in that?


PS -- So, I was looking at my Stats the other day, and apparently i have a good amount of people looking at my blog. I only have 4 followers. Not that i'm complaining about my followers, cause i love them all...but who are you people that are just creeping on my blog and not commenting or following?
So, i'm now opening up the anonymous comments. But that also means i'll be looking over all the comments now, cause i don't want any 'i hate you, and i'm going to come kill you' comments on my blogger. (<-- And that HAS happened to me before. Not in those exact words, but something like that)

PSS -- I also added a place down there that you can put if you though my post was interesting, funny, or just plain awesome. Sorry for the ,,, it was supposed to be ... and i'm too lazy to change it (:

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Nadia Murti said...

Facebook fights get so annoying!

Btw, I'm going to kill your fishies by over feeding them. (I'm talking about the fishies at the bottom of the page.)

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